Tahtorak's Bionicle Art Dump

I decided to make one topic where I will put all my Bionicle related Art projects to save on space.

First up is my cardboard sculpture of Kini Nui based on the design from MNOG.

I’ll be painting it when the weather turns warmer.

This is the Nuva Cube’s and Nuva Symbols I printed at a local 3D lab. I’m not going to go into much detail about it because [I already have a topic about it][1].

This is the Onu-Koro Sudial shrunk down and given to Takanuva.

These are Bionicle coins I made. I first one is really fun to use because instead of asking “Heads or Tails” I can ask “Good or Evil”.

Here’s the Faith Charm from MNOGII. I also use this symbol as my Avatar.

These are some Mata Nui Stones I made. Some people have gnomes or Flamingos in their garden, I have little spirit rocks in hidden places.

Here is a Design I made of the Nuva Symbols. The Symbol in the center is Takanuva’s non-canon Nuva Symbol featured in the GBA (Game Boy Advanced) version of “Bionicle: The Game”.

Here are some more symbols and designs I am fond of. The design on the far left is from the Toa Nuva Building instructions.

Here’s that design in the building instructions.

[1]: http://board.ttvpodcast.com/t/nuva-cube-3d-printing/4718


All i can say now is that i like what are you doing! Well i will post in-depth thing after im back home on my pc

Man you got all the cool stuff. I’m jealous :stuck_out_tongue:

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This is all really cool, I especially like the pad of designs, they’re all swell. Keep on doing more!

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Wow! Those look great!

Well time to break into your house and steal that
kini nui…

These are really cool, I especially like the Kini Nui sculpture :smiley:

A few conceptual drawings:

Here’s some drawings of Kini Nui and The Great Temple from Metru Nui.

Some flooring design of the Mangaia I’m using for my Story Boards.


Panels for my story board:


Much impress

very amaze

Since 2001, the Vahi was always one of my favorite masks. This is my version of the Vahi


Now instead of cheese it looks like wings, GJ!

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Ya! I’m not the only one who thinks the Vahi looks like cheese.


The angle of the right Vahi was bugging me. I fixed it.

I really like some of the Backgrounds in the Mask of Creation App and I finally had the time to draw some. Here’s a rough sketch of The Water Region in the game.

And here’s it in black and white just because I can.


Good and Evil.


I’ve been doing a lot of art with my Avatar and figured this would be a good place to keep all the variations of my avatar. Also, this will let me know who’s still watching this topic since it is pretty old. (or whether I should make a new one.)

This is my BZpower avatar.

And This one is done by @Political_Slime , thanks for the mention. (visual mention)


ah yes, the days when i did comics

RIP in peace

the rest of them look cool :slight_smile:

Here are some more Avatars I’ve been working on. Anyone is free to use them.


How did I barely discover this? Amazing work!


(I like to give out my extras as prizes.)