Tahtorak's Story Board

I just wanted to story-board some of the events of the bionicle history with my own spin on it. I had a lot of fun doing it too.

So far I've story-boarded the the battle between Mata Nui and Makuta. (or the one many thought must have happened before we found out Mata Nui was a giant robot)


Many of these are inspired by my some images I found on Brickshelf.

As I was taking these pictures I kept up a running dialog. ex: "Alright, for this next shot Makuta needs to be Stabing Mata Nui... Come on, stab him... Stab him harder. I want to see malicious glee on your face, not boredom!"

Here are a bonus Picture not in the Story line.

I plan to make more of these, so keep watching.


That Mata Nui MOC is magnificent.

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That Mata Nui is awesome. smiley

Man @Politicus_Slimicius is going to freak out when he sees the chest on that Mata Nui MOC.

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eh? what's that? I can't hear you over the sound of this awesome Mata Nui MOC. stuck_out_tongue


I'm referring to something glowing on the upper body stuck_out_tongue


The mask, and a few parts.I know there is Bricklink.com, but I have no money.

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Dem sparkly Avohkiis?

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So far I'm planning on Story Boarding 4 major events.

1 - The original Battle between Makuta and Mata Nui.

2 - The Battle of the Mangaia.

3 - Battle between Takanuva and Makuta.

4 - Final battle between Mata Nui and Makuta and the after math.


The images seem to take a long time to load. Would you be able to make them smaller?

@legomaster1378 Your request has been granted.

Alright the next Battle is finished: The Battle of the Mangaia

Also, one fun fact is that the black of orange Kraata on Mata Nui's chest is the Kraata of heat vision. Which means it would have been the Kraata in the Star's Rahkshi if the set had had a kraata.


Man the six mata look so great together.


I really like that Makuta in the 8th picture! smiley

So, is this topic for story boarding scenes of BIONICLE that you wished to portray?

If so, could other people put their portrayals here aswell?

This topic is really just for my storyboarding. I may open it up for other's to post their own story boards after I finish mine. (Which is going to be a while since I'm going to build sets for Makuta's Lair and the Codrex.)

For now, I would prefer you to make own topic, and I look forward to seeing your story boards.