Tahu 2015/16 Crossover MOC

My final 2015/16 Toa crossover MOC is here - Tahu! (I have created Onua, but I'm not so proud of it, but if you'd like to see it click here). This crossover does resemble Tahu 2016 a lot... that's because I adore the set, despite it's flaws. Here is the natural light shot:

For more images, my flickr album is here.

I am quite proud of this, but please do leave constructive criticism so that I can improve :smile:


Hmm I don't know.. I personally do not like this crossover :confused:

It may be the red, it may be something else just something isn't right with it..

looks pretty good :smile:

The transparent pieces aren't well distributed.

I'm not impressed; it look like you just added the function of the Uniter blades to his 2015 swords and slapped those on the official set. Seems kinda lazy looking and doesn't really scream "crossover" to me.

I'll admit it is quite similar... But I added the gearbox and changed some of the colour distribution to fit my tastes.

The legs are too long and need more gold.

If you told me this was Tahu 2016, I would believe you. Not because of your build, it's great, but because the rebooted bonkles look really similar.

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No. No. Please.


It's not distributed properly between the upper and lower body.

I tried making the feet gold, but it didn't look good...

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i like this pretty good and the way it combines both 2015 and 2016