Tahu 2015 Sprite

Hello everyone on the Boards!

I got in the mood for this tedious work, but I think this came out looking pretty good! So here is a sprite of Tahu 2015:

Larger image:

But yea, I like to think it looks reminiscent of a Gameboy Advance kind of sprite.

I wanted to make this just for fun, but also I've been thinking about maybe making a Bionicle 2015 fan game. No promises yet, but I have some experience in making games and I would like to attempt to make some sort of beat-em-up/platformer game with all the Toa that follows the 2015 story line. I would use this sprite if I were to go through with it, but it will be lots of work (especially to animate this guy!).

So anyways, be sure to tell me what you think, and also as usual, Modsquad, if there already is some sort of Bionicle sprite art topic, move me there!

As always,
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Oh my thats gorgeous
inb4 BIONICLE 2015 gb advance

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It feels a little 'melty' , and the back swords don't have the right shape.

Not bad though.

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This is amazing!

this looks really cool

Very cool!

Define 'melty'. I feel like I might know what you mean, it might be the shading makes it looks less...sprite-like? The back swords, yes, aren't very accurate, but it was the best I could do for the size I was drawing them at.

Thanks though, and thanks all so far!

This looks fantastic. Looks just like something out of a video game.

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I agree with Chronicler, looks like it's straight out of a video game. Well done!

Nice! It would be sweet to have a fighting game like this.

Very nice. Really nicely done shading. Any criticism would be the left foot (our left not the sprites) as it feels a little odd. But that is just nit-picking really.

it looks like the set is melting, all the sharp edges are gone and parts are a bit deformed and melted, especially the lower legs, you should make it more crisp.

also I still say the back swords are wrong, they're too long, and don't have the right shape.

Thanks! I could probably fix that issue, now that I look at it.
@Payinku I see what you mean, but unfortunately I think that's just an issue with sprite art in general, or at least the way I do it. It's hard to make the accurate straight edges of the armor pieces, especially without a drawing pad to get precise lines. I would try some more minimal shading and see if that helps at all.
@Chronicler That was the intent! Glad you like it!
@helryx I would love to do a fighting game, but sadly those are very hard to code and animate in general! But I'm glad you like it!

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