Tahu 2015's Mask of Fire

My new drawing on Tahu’s mask. (Note: no bad comments)


[quote=“Bioniclekid2001, post:4025, topic:71”]
(Note: no bad comments)
[/quote]As in profane?
I’ll keep it clean

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That looks great!

[quote=“Bioniclekid2001, post:1, topic:5158”]
(Note: no bad comments)
[/quote]I’m pretty sure those are against the rules anyway.

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I don’t know what to say.

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Well it’s certainly a mask…


No words can describe… well theres one fact, drawing something realisticaly is preety hard (no sarcasm)

Try making it symetrical?
Like acctualy symetrical
(Idk what bad comment means here)

As for now… molten 2015 hau… sorry! Very sorry!

Quick tip, make masks smaller, then do close-up photo!
Also don’t do shadowing effect, not useful on masks, unless you mastered it.

And if you do use shadows, don’t leave white gaps on them, it makes those less appealing


It is accurate to the real mask to a degree, but it needs some improvement.

thanks guys, it is not easy to draw but I did my best and I’m happy you guys like it :smiley:

Such profound. Many intense.