Tahu_3 (The Art of Bionicle) (V2)

Under popular demand, buffed up the neck, gave him more black pieces and attempted to make the chest decal, which in my opinion ended up looking cool, it’s made of paper tho

I am not really happy with the gun, any suggestions to make it more accurate?


Definitely looks better, Maybe try adding some blue to the chest now?
Based of the concept art this would have been a fantastic line of sets.

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Yeah he need some more details.

yeah, I dont think that’s going to happen, there is no way for me to add some blue

well if I could make a sticker maybe…


Also do the knights kingdom (I think) shoulders the concept art shows come in silver or are you just not using them?


I just dont have them

maybe I could get that star wars guard and paint it

@Morgy @Toa_Vladin
so, update;
I tried giving the chest some blue, but it didnt turn out the way I wanted to, it’s like navy blue



@Asriel, have you considered using the newest Nexo Knights sword piece (particularly seen on the Clay battle-suit) for the tip of the gun?


oh this thing

I dont have it

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Alright, fair enough.

You could get it.

I could, but I dont really want to, I dont really feel like buying a set for just 1 piece you know

Available on bricklink perhaps, or not available where you live?

A set have two swords.

amazing! If you paint the new shoulder armour piece from the new gaurd ultra build it would be perfect for this moc

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