Tahu_3 (The Art of Bionicle)

I made a thing

based on

Im trying to get blue paint so I can draw the chest

oh! also, need some help for the trapezoids


Ha! This is better than mine!

I mean, it’s based on a different one, isn’t it?

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Is the same design indifferent stages.

I love the gun.

I should add more black and gunmetal. The model have more black than silver.

This is sweet, definitely looks like the concept art.

Put a tire or something around his neck

Other than that, spot on, my mannn

Looks pretty sweet.

RIP bonkle G2 and all its cool ideas.

You made a amazing thing

So this isn’t a direct inspiration design from the artbook.

Without the decal coloring, he looks like a prototype Phasma figure atm-


Isn’t the chest black, dark grey, silver and orange

@Mod_Squad hey, I have a new topic, can you close this one?

You don’t need to close it.

but I dont really like having two for the same moc, I shouldn’t really have opened a new one, but I really wanted people to see the progress, and if I updated this one everyone would habe probably missed it


i like your moc it’s cool:sunglasses: