Tahu and Gali fighting?

So I just watched Mask of Life in full for the first time. I still can’t figure out why Tahu and Gali are “still so ill at ease.” The story right before MoL had Tahu and Gali working together to defeat the Bohrok-Kal, with Tahu admitting that Gali was right all along. Sure they seem a little frustrated with each other in Tales of the Masks (the book before MoL) but that takes place before the end of Makuta’s Revenge. Is there any canon explanation for why they are mad at each other?

I know that the meta-canon explanation is that they probably wanted to show the Toa being not fully united in the beginning of the movie, and thanks to the setup of the tournament they only had Tahu, Gali, and Pohatu to work with for this scene. And they were definitely not going to show Pohatu being unfriendly!


Just because they came to an agreement on one subject doesn’t mean they had no friction overall. They beefed a lot up to that point, so their behavior in MoL isn’t surprising.


This part in MoL really annoyed me, because it was supposed to be Tahu and Kopaka, not Tahu and Gali fighting.

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You know people can have more than one social dynamic in their lives, right?

Yes, but Tahu and Gali generally didn’t fight with each other before this.

I actually like it, they don’t always get on and it shows different sides to their personality instead of it being “I am Toa, I am good, we are a team” that would get really boring really fast.


I guess I should clarify that I am asking if there is any specific reason why Tahu and Gali are upset at the sight of each other in MoL. Was there an off-screen argument? I don’t doubt that they would get into an argument, I’m just wondering what it was about.

I’m like 75% certain that I remember reading that Gali was upset with Tahu over his decision to disband the Nuva after the Bohrok-Kal were defeated.

I think she was also quite peeved that Onua agreed with her, but didn’t back her up on it.


Would have been really useful to see that in the movie. As is, it just looks like they’re bickering over nothing.


That’s what I thought would be the answer. But Tahu agrees that Gali was right by the end of Makuta’s revenge. He ends the book by saying they need to follow unity, duty, and destiny. The two of them actually seem happy in that scene.

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Best I can assume is that the book and the movie were developed independently around the same time.

I’m sure it must have already been planned for Tahu to have that arc, and I suppose in that instance the communication on when exactly that happens was a bit off.

I do prefer the movie version, though, as Tahu gets saved by not only Gali’s efforts, but Kopaka and Lewa as well. It does a lot to show him that relying on others isn’t a weakness, but is actually vital to their success.


I agree. I especially like seeing Lewa help Tahu after their story in Tales of the Masks.


Greg Farshtey (or Cathy Hapka for that matter) didn’t write the script for the movie. Even if the books and comics showed the Toa Nuva overcoming their differences, it was ultimately the movie writers’ decision to portray the Toa’s relationship as quarrelsome.

Generally, yes, but it’s worth noting that in Tales of the Masks, Tahu and Gali had a very heated (hardy-har-har) argument which even lead to her threatening him:

From this line, it sounds like that was what the writers were trying to convey.