Tahu and ikir TRUE unity

This is what I imagien the unity should have really been (with tahu master not unitet) without the lame swords tahu master had, tahu fuses with ikir in a way that he gains his wings and uses his head as an indestructible shield.


It honestly doesn’t look too bad!
The upper half looks pretty beefy, and it looks pretty neat with Tahu!
The only downside, at least to me, would have to be the legs; they look very skinny and kind of unfinished. It might be due to a lack of parts or experience, but either way, I feel like they need to be redone (I understand the limits, though, as I myself find to hard to build legs sometimes!)

Overall, not too bad! The legs need some reworking, but other than that, this looks pretty nice!

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wait wat

All joke aside, this isn’t a bad MOC, however it feels like more of a downgrade from the set version, and looks awkward with the bulky chest armor and interestingly built wings.


The leg armor is off.