Tahu Animated Gif

One more thing that took me a while to make, but this time it’s not from laziness. Just computer issues.

Now gaze upon my odd-quality gif.

As you can see I have no idea how to export this without getting weird issues, unless it’s just my monitor. Whatever.

I’ll guide you through the process, since I made more than this and don’t want to let it go to waste. I’ll start with the rough animation that was made in flash.

As you can see, it’s a different background. I moved on to fleshing the background out a little:
And then started to work on it in Adobe Illustrator:

I wasn’t really digging it, so I scrapped it and started a new background.
And here’s close to what it would’ve looked like finalized, but with darker, flowing lava (and the flag of course):

At this point I was getting some pretty severe problems with Flash, mainly that something was courrupt in the file which made it difficult to do almost anything.
Checked my ambition and made it smaller, almost starting from the ground up.
New background:
Finished the character:
And, well… the result is at the top.
Hope these images are in good quality. They look very compressed here on the boards as I’m writing this. The imgur versions should be better.


That is great…

and that smug look on his face…


The effort here really shows. The coloration of Tahu and the background were well executed.

That is pretty dang cool. Nice work!

That’s just like
Really cool

Excellently made and brilliantly conceived.

Don’t beat yourself up about the quality; gifs are almost always dubious in that respect.

Looks freakin’ great!