Tahu Arrives at Kini Nui

This was a picture I drew a while ago at school. Hope you like it.


That is really cool like the style! Do more!

I hope to do more. I really only draw at school, to pass the time, so hopefully, I'll draw some more when school starts again.

Your style of art does a great job of portraying a more bio-mechanical rendition of Tahu, similar to how I always imagined him. In his shoulders and wrists especially, I can really see a more organic looking version of the character that was, unfortunately, often absent from the official representations that we got of him. Because you were able to keep his mechanical appearance while using smoother details and connections that appear more organic in some places, he really fits the unique aesthetic of Bionicle as a mostly mechanical being with some organic bits. I'd be curious to see some of the other Mata in this style, if you have the spare time.

Thanks. smile I do hope to do more like this. So far, the only thing I've really drawn has been Tahu and a few other things, so I do hope to maybe draw more of the Mata.

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not as good as your omega tahu, nothing will beat that

is the kini-nui from mol canon or the one from mnog?

I'm honestly not sure which version of canon. I've always seen the actual Kini-Nui as a combination of the two, but I believe I went for a more MNOG-inspired Kini-Nui in this picture.

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either way, it came out really good, nice job


kewl I did one just like this in science class the teacher was not amused