Tahu Generations (Minifigure human versions)

Is this even a lego creation? They are all minifigs!

Left to right

Oh boy humans, I’ve probably alienated my entire audience!
G1: G1 Mata sets were more robotic hence the body design (also Tahu seemed to be a bit egotistical in the comics hence the quite fancy mustache) (this is based on 2001 Tahu)
G2: To me G3 was more tribal, also Tahu had literally no character I could find other than seeming a little dimwitted in the 2015 animations (This is based on 2015 Tahu)
G3: See the face? He always seemed a little ticked off in literally everything TTV created for him, so I made him look like my dad except a lot younger poor guy, we’ll always love him though


G4: Believe it or not, I made this abomination before I joined the message boards, I called it G4 the new era, shortly before it’s actual creation I realised no one including me wanted a story about the toa but in a high school, it was awful
G5: I did write this but thankfully it’s topic was closed before too many people suffered from it, basically the warriors, 6 new toa meet, fall in love and save this tahu, it was trash
G6: The distant future, a toa rebellion, it was a knock off star wars through and through and it was rubbish, it ripped off the sequels in every way

So there you have it, what do you think? if you think it’s good your wrong, if you think it has effort your more wrong


Edited the title
~~Vladin, Toa of Fire

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