Tahu Inika

I like the inika build… and I like Tahu… so… why not combine the two ?

Here he is with an infected Hau

and here he is with Tahu Mata

Not an really creative MOC… but I like it.

Feel free to criticize. ^^


I like it!

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Why are the upper arms backwards?

Armour has been used like that in official sets.
Like Gresh…


Otherwise it would hinder the range of motion of his forarms.

Pretty neat little build. I’m not sure if the gun fits but it’s a nice addition.


Thanks for the kind words. ^^

Yeah… it’s supposed to represent Tahu Matas big left hand… I don’t know why but for me it has always looked like a gun.

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I’m not the only wierdo who thought this? (seriously what kid thought that was a hand anyhoo?)


The same with Pohatu and Lewa, especially Lewa because he had all these extra pieces added on to his “hand” that made it really look like a gun… thing.

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I kinda get why the characters say that the Inika looked weird. Nice work with the revamp


Thanks man.

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why the gun? Otherwise it’s fine

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He has a gun?..

Okay then.

Not too bad. Simple but effective. Reminds me of Bionicle Heroes.

I think his chest has too much orange and his arms not enough, and the backwards armor doesn’t work for me.

No it hasn’t…

Holy crap it has…my Gresh was a lie all his life… :frowning:


cool :slight_smile:

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Don’t worry.
I felt this way when I first realized too.

@JMP The gun is more optional. Like I said to Chronos, I always imagined the left hand of Tahu Mata as being a gun (the same with pohatu and Lewa) so I decided to give him a gun AND two hands.

@Darknova3529 Thank you. ^^

@PakariNation99 I know whats missing on the torso… the black ball joint I totally forgot about that one. :frowning:

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Please read this. Thanks!

@Apophyx It is supposed to represent Tahu Mata with the Inika build.

@Whaddon You guys didn’t read the commend above, did you ? LIke I said multiple times now… the “gun” represents Tahu Matas left hand which always looked to me like a gun.

@ShadowWolfHount Thanks man.
Yeah but it didn’t have the nuva shoulder in mata red and I didn’t want to to use a metru red or silver or gold one. That would really break it’s colour scheme.
Why do think the shin armor is ugly ?

Why does Tahu have a Shotgun
Has he been Gukko Hunting?

I did and in my opinion my answer was right. If you look at Tahu Mata you will see that he is primarily mata red and orange and as my goal was to represent his Mata form while using the inika build I build him with that colours.

I am sorry though if I sound a little rough before.