"Tahu, Master of Fire" by CallanLoF

Moc Video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9VtGE-_uF6M

Moc Pictures: http://full.sc/1rgbIjV

If I were tasked by Lego to build the new Tahu to resemble the prototype images the best I could with no piece limits, this is what I would submit. The hands and feet are intentionally not silver, because I honestly despise how Lego is mixing silver and gold on these sets.


This is really cool! I like the visual effects you gave the pictures. Brings out the colors nicely. :smiley:

Huh didn’t know Callan was here too.

But yeah, really great MOC.


Nice moc, I love that you added his new gold swords and the gold Makuta mask on his back is a great idea. I honestly can’t find anything I would change. Anyways, nice moc and keep mocin’.

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This is amazing. I’m tempted to say it looks better than the actual set!


Will you make MOCs of Gamma Gali, Theta Lewa, Alpha Kopaka, Delta Onua, Beta Pohatu, and Über Takanuva?

Very Cool!

Callan!? You’re here! Yay!

BTW nice moc. Very good


Astonishing MOC, Callan. Great to have a legendary member of the BIONICLE community on the Message Boards. Keep up the good work on your MOCs and your videos!


This Tahu is not one to be trifled with.

Fantastic job as always.

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Nice job CallanLof.

BTW Callan I always like your videos dude, you rock. (Great, now I’m sounding like one of ‘those’ fans, LoLz.)

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Nice to see you here, Callan.
Excellent representation of the set.
Not to be an Eljay, but the legs are a little gappy.
(sorry, I have to constructively criticize some part of it, and I literally could find nothing else)
Anyways, great as always.


I’m surprised only 12 other people commented on an awesome moc like this. Also is this mod going to be in any more of your videos?

Legs look a bit buff. But keep up the good work!