Tahu, Master of Fire: Deluxe Edition

When I first got 2015 Tahu I was a bit disappointed. The box art we had seen up to that point portrayed him as being a tall and imposing figure, somewhat like a fire-ninja. However, Tahu ended being more of a fire-samurai than anything else, with a very wide frame and bulky armour.

I still love the set–it’s probably my second favourite from the 2015 wave–but I’ve always wanted to create the set I imagined that I would receive (albeit with a few more extravagances than Lego would likely ever include). So I created Tahu, Master of Fire: Deluxe Edition.

The goal with this build was to retain all of the functions and play features of the original but make him appear more like how I first interpreted him.

The sword design comes from MrBoltTron’s revamp of 2015 Tahu, with a few of my own alterations.

The gear function remains! Building a body around this piece was an incredible challenge that took several iterations but I’m pretty pleased with the result. The function actually works surprisingly well, despite the fact that I kept the same amount of friction for the arms used in the original set.

Thanks for viewing!


I like the idea but I think he’s a bit too thin and lanky.


He looks like a teenage version of the set Tahu and I bloody love it.

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I love that torso! It’s great! But, I believe that it doesn’t compare with the legs, which are much thicker. Overall, nice MOC!

It looks great but as others have said, the torso is a little bit thin but those swords look great.

That body build you gave him reminds me a lot of his 01’ torso. Which works well here xp

Awesome, but the torso textures is quite out of place and doesn’t fit

Torso seems too thin, the hips and waist in particular, but it’s looking really awesome! Nice work!

The more I look at it, these proportions would work really well for Lewa. Just not Tahu. Tahu should be the second or third most athletic looking of the team. These thin and limber proportions would work well for the free spirited and tree swinging toa of air.

Though I also gotta admit the more I look at it the design has grown on me a little bit.