Tahu, Master of Fire (Revamp)

So I revamped Tahu MoF because why not.

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Tell me what you guys think!


His torso seems a bit thin, but other than that, he looks great!

Great revamp! 9,5/10

I agree with @Chronicler the torso is a bit thin.


Amazing revamp.
Btw this the first revamp of a 2015 set I have seen so far.

Noice, looks good

maybe those light grey joints in the upper body are a little out of place tho.


Revamps already xD
But yay, you fixed the empty back of the legs!!

he looks sooo much better!

I love it!
Looks even more, BIONICLE-y. smile

The detailing... Just what the set needed. Lego, make more detailed torso pieces!

Very. Very nice.

Best 2015 revamp I've seen yet.


But Spencer

the colors on the inner workings


The revamp itself is great but you just took out some of pieces and replaced them with custom ones that look almost same...
Maybe some backshot would help?

The point of making a revamp is to update the set. Of course, if it's supposed to be the certain character, it has to look like that certain character. That's why so much of it looks like the set, because it's supposed to be and look like Tahu.

A picture of his back is provided in the link at the bottom of the post.

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Dem abs.

Looks great! smile