Tahu Master of Pumpkin

So during this year's tradition carving of fruit, I decided I wanted to aim for a Tahu. Sadly I'm no artist, and it's not the greatest looking thing. But I'm satisfied with the results and I thought I'd share them here.

Happy Halloween everyone :P.


i love it

I say that looks pretty good!

Good work.
Master-ful craftsmanship.
Dodges tomato


Well it's a better jack o lantern than anything I've made.

dude, that's amazing

This is amazing!

10/10 better than anything I could do

Most beautiful thing I have ever seen. A++++++++++

Your dead to me, they are vegtables.
Just kidding fruits and vegtables are in the same food group in the food guide up north! 😜 Also tomatoes ruined everything and made people question life and such
But hey very good job!

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They're fruit because they have seeds.

Also, VeggieTales lied to me

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