Tahu Mata revamp by Vorik

So yeah, Im fairly proud with how this moc turned out, not much else to say except for he's awesome and he's tahu!


Nice MOC! His legs seem quite skinny for his pretty large torso, which I think could also use a bit of work on just above his waist. I like what you've done with his colours, they're balanced quite well. Though there's quite a lot of black on his shoulders that seems out of place. Overall, pretty good MOC and could be great with a bit more work put into him. smiley


other then his arms and groin, I think this is an excellent tahu revamp

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The chest looks a bit gappy here and there, but it looks good regardless.

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Nice. He reminds me of venoms omega tahu.

Yes! He's got a ball on his chest stuck_out_tongue

Looks like this Tahu is pissing flames.

Language, please.

It's just that his ball-joints feel like they are burning.

The black on the shoulders is just a throw back to the black mata hands on his shoulders in the 2001 set, I basically took everything from that set and scaled it up


Any red bohrock shield piece would have worked, but I just chose that one because of the flame patteren

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The torso looks great but the arms are a mess.

eh, we all do have our own opinions

If you could get rid of the dark red, it would be fine aside from the arms which are.....uh....blocky, messy, and gappy (for the right arm).

Oh and the thighs are a no-no. Don't like how they turned out.

Upper body is nice, though, aside from the afformentioned dark red.

The dark red isn't really working for me either. And the sword could be scaled up a bit.

I would recommend taking Tahu to a doctor if this is real.