Tahu Reacts To Bionicle 2015

After watching a few reactions/opinion videos of Bionicle and it's return, I decided to do one as well, however with Tahu discovering of his very own toy line's return. I know this video is a few weeks old or so, but I still get a kick out of it. Tell me what you think of it if you can, and would you like to see more like this?


I love the animation skills!


I don't see Tahu anywhere.


Thanks Chronicler. Makuta_Verakion, you don't see Tahu Nuva Mistika anywhere in the video? It's on the thumbnail.

2008 ugly Mistika Tahu

tsk tsk tsk

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Ok.... how was the video though?

would be decent if it weren't for that abomination being used as Tahu instead of Mata or Nuva Tahu

All seriousness, it was pretty nice. Lighting was good and animation wasn't bad. But why use 2008 Tahu? I don't actually hate that set, but he isn't a definitive form of Tahu to me.

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Wow, the quality on this video is great! Nice animation, good voices, characters are great! Overall, this is really good! 11/10 did watch again


@Number_13962 No biggy, it was just the Tahu I grabbed, Stars isn't in good shape, nor was the Nuva original. Don't have the Mata so I CLEARLY SHOULD'VE CHOSE THAT ONE LoLz.

@Political_Nuju120 Thanks, really appreciate it.

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That was hilarious, I would love to see more.

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Thanks smile smiley

Clicked it,
Saw it,
And lol'ed.
Like really loud.

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Oh my god this is hilarious! ~Pyrox

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@Altron LoLz, thanks.

@Pyrox Thanks smiley smiley

Tahu dance party = best dance party

LoLz, thanks! And thanks everyone for the kind words, hope to bring more entertainment to you soon. I'm actually working on an animation right now that'll premiere on the TTV Boards.

Okay, why the heck does everyone have to bash Mistika Tahu? I mean, really? Maybe some of is like that toy/version - we don't need your hate comments.

Anyways, I LOVE this video. Keep up the good work!

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Honestly, as with all the Phantoka and Mistika, it's a good set. It's just not a good representation of Tahu.

But that's your opinion - which is fine, I'm not saying you can't think they're bad sets. But why can't you guys say it like you just did, instead of saying things like "It's ugly", or basically disregarding it as Tahu at all?

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I'm fine with it, I mean yes it could be done better, but at the same sense it's just a toy. I was offended only because that was the only comment he made. Sorry but I just don't like it when comments say only one bad thing that occurred. Though I am not offended as I said because he did reply again about the actual video.