TAHU Stop-Motion

Another one down! Tell me what you think?

Made in about a day


Now I feel like a scrub tier sm animator.
Great, great job.

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nice stop motion !

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:open_mouth: This is beautiful!

Oh wow I didn’t even know you had an account on the message boards! I’ve been a sub of your’s forever, and personally think your one of the best bionicle stop motion animators on youtube! Keep up the good work!


Awesome job.

Very fluent and well animated.

This somehow reminds me of Okoto origins

Yes it does indeed XD

I must say that I’m impressed that it took you only 1 day. I wish I could do that…

Very clean.

Wow, one day?

Add a background and you’ll give MNL a run for his money, this was pretty well made!

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