Tahu - Toa of Fire

I was feeling a bit nostalgic.

Without crappy background:

Feel free to share your thoughts on it!

Criticism is always well recieved.


I feel like the arms are way too small. They should really be lengthened.


Looks neat! But that lil’ ridge curve you drew between his eyes makes him look like his sniffing something :stuck_out_tongue:


It was supossed to look like he was frowning :b

He still looks like he’s frowning without that wrinkle

His arms are much too small.
And as Rockho said he kinda looks like he snivelling

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This is looking pretty good, but I think there’s still quite a bit of improvement when it comes to proportions. Here are a few of the things that I have noticed:

  • As stated by Cronk, the arms are a bit too short.
  • I feel that the hands would look a little better if they had a visible wrist, such as the fake axle part connecting to the balljoint on the real version of the Mata limbs.
  • The shoulders should be slightly broader as to make it look more masculine, but otherwise the design of the torso itself looks good.
  • The way that the neck gets thicker as it gets closer to the head looks quite odd to me
  • The “Mata hands” connecting the legs to the torso look like a mixture of both possible ways that they have been used to connect those parts. By that I mean, the axle hole on the top of the piece would imply that it’s connected via the holes on the side of it, but the way that the socket part of the piece is oriented it would imply the opposite.
  • And lastly, I feel like the legs should have some semblance of a knee joint. Of course, the original Mata sets didn’t have joints on those pieces, but they still had the illusion of joints molded in.

I do realize that this is your own artistic rendition of the character, and not a complete copy of the physical set, but the issues in the design choices tend to lie in how the overall thing looks, and less-so the accuracy to the source material.


Besides perhaps giving him broader shoulders and longer arms, I think this is pretty solid.

Uh basically everything @OculusNuva said, a lot of the changes will help make the thing look not only set accurate, but functional as an actual being.

Like many have said i think the arms are just to short. The rest is pretty good

I think the arms look a bit out of proportion, but the rest look great!

######the arms are so small tho

I don’t think the arms are necessarily small, I think the shoulders should be broader.


Someone looks irritated.


I think it is OK, but the arms are too short.

I’m definitely a fan; the drawing really does a good job of showing lighting on the torso and behind the eyes, and there’s a lot of high-quality detail. Aside from the aforementioned comments, there really aren’t any wrists and his hips are a little wide. Glad to see this.