Tahu Uniter of Fire Drawing

Was kind-of regretting not getting Tahu and instead getting Shovel Knight, so here's a drawing of Tahu from the 2016 sets. It's not my best work, but I'm glad on how it turned out.

Knda update:

I GOT HIM!!!!! 😲


I really like your style, and the attention to detail is pretty neat. You also drew Tahu's mask quite nicely.

His chest feels a bit blocky, but meh, they're BIONICLE.


I love your style of drawing dude!

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I love the style here, feels exaggerated but also grounded at the same time! Really nice!

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Great work! Tahu looks fantastic. I like how you evened out his body and gave him more giant-robot-proportions.

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This looks Fantastic!

Your style compliments Uniter Tahu beautifully. :smile:


That's like choosing a Time Machine over a Teleporter.

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This is stylized and detailed at the same time.

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Tell me about it. I only had a $25 gift card so I could only afford one. I was going back and forth from the game section to the Lego section multiple times, thinking about the pros and cons of each one. The Umarak the Hunter set made it even worse. I eventually bought Shovel Knight over Tahu/Umarak for two reasons: The game was on sale and it came with a free download of the game's soundtrack. Now I probably have to wait until summer vacation to get Tahu and maybe Fenrak (not sure if that's his name, barely know all the creatures names) because that when I get rewarded for my High school grades. But then the summer wave will be released around that time and I REALLY want that Umarak the Destroyer set! 😧

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I really like this! I especially love how you drew the torso. some of the angles mess with my head though, but that just a minor complaint.

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looks good

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I like the drawing overall, the details on the leg pieces, some of the joints, hands and bits of the armour are very well done. Though the more i look at the pose and scale of certain aspects the more they seem off to me. Its difficult to really say, but the feet seem a little too big compared to the rest of the drawing and his left arm seems a little awkward posing like that.

Though as i mentioned, i really like this drawing overall. Look forward to seeing more.

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