Tahu Using The Hau

This is a photoshop job of my Inika-Build Tahu Moc using his mask power. Plain and simple.


I think the normal Tahu Mata would look better, but yes, the photoshop is absolutely fantastic!


I definitely respect that. I love the original version, they are classic. My collection, when it comes to 2001-2003, all have an Inika-build make over. I’ve always have been more a fan of poseability over functionality. Also as the years went on, the character builds got taller. I wanted to keep the heights consistant, especially when they cross over with characters from 2005 and onward. Matoran are 5 feet tall, and Toa are 7 feet. If that’s the case with 2001, then the Toa Metru would 8 feet tall and the Inika would 9 feet tall. That was never the case, they were still 7 feet. I do plan on getting at least the classic Tahu sometime.

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