Tahu's Blazing Jet [BRICKONICLE MOC]


The evil Brotherhood of Makuta are attacking Jaller!

Build the NEW Blazing Jet and BURN the baddies out of the sky!

Tahu’s Blazing Jet from LEGO BIONICLE!

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I need to get a life
Another BRICKONICLE “set”, set no. 91919: Tahu’s Blazing Jet.

Set Info:
Price: $39.99 USD, £29.99, 37.99€
Pieces: 417 (not including extra studs)
Minifigs: 4
Ages: 8-14

Tahu’s Blazing Jet
Created by the inventive matoran Nuparu, the Blazing Jet was inspired by the mythic Lava Hawk of Ta-Wahi.

Equipped with a zamor launcher on either side, the Blazing Jet can assault a foe via melee and ranged attacks.

In case Toa Tahu needs his gear during a mission, the Blazing Jet can hold his sword on either wing.

The jet can adjust the angle of its “neck”.

The end of the Blazing Jet holds two powerful turbines, allowing for the vehicle to fly wickedly fast.

Energy Hound
The Energy Hounds are one of the most common rides in the Brotherhood of Makuta’s army of Rahi, known for their loyalty.

Although the beast is rather slow compared to the other Rahi, it makes up for it with the powerful, acidic saliva that the beast can shoot from its mouth.

Extra pic of the Energy Hound

Although the Makuta prefer to use beasts in their quest to control the island of Mata Nui, some members of the Brotherhood prefer to work with more controllable weapons such as this antidermis-blasting turret.

To make up for the lack of movement, the creators of these rather vulnerable machines were given a turntable to allow its user to hit a target in a wider range.

Extra pic of the turret


  • Tahu, The ferocious Toa of Fire, the leader of the Toa Mata, and sworn protector of the Ta-Matoran
  • Jaller, Captain of the Ta-Koro guard

-Chirox, The evil and winged Makuta who flies through the mines of Onu-Koro to terrorize the powerless Matoran
-Gorast, A fierce warrior and loyal follower of Teridax

New Pieces/Other Notes
Similar to my BRICKONICLE entries, I wanted to have visuals to fill this spot. I’m a not-so good artist, so I will just list them out:

  • Hau (Red/Yellow)
  • Shelek (Black)
  • Felnas (Lime Green)
  • New stud-shooter mold in the shape of an Energy Hound’s head (Black)

The minifigures would get prints for their legs, arms, and torso and the Blazing Jet would get an additional sticker sheet to add finer details to the vehicle.

Criticism is more than welcomed!


Very nice. I love how you subtly conveyed a hawk motif with the jet and the design of the wings.

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Looks amazing

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Disappointed this isn’t call Tahu Fire Striker.

I don’t like the “nose” end, but the back of the jet and wing is looks fine.

The function and side build is relatively dull for a $40 set.

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I really like the creativity and detail put into this.

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You’ve done it again.

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Oh, my… I started some time ago a LDD file with a lego set named Tahu’s Blazing PLANE and I wanted to post it…

420 blazing jet.