tak210's Video submission to the 1st anniversary contest

Here's my submission, the momentum you've all been waiting for! Well some of you have(ok a few)...
The okoto online game trailer! I through together a quick trailer so show progress and for the contest.

Hope you all enjoy and hopefully soon I'll have takoto playable.

Seems great.

I like it. smile I like it (Alot? A lot?)

It looks fantatastic! Good Job! wink

Thanks everyone! It's good to know the fans approve smile

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I hope that the wooden door is fireproof.

Neighbor - "Hey Dave! Your door burned down again!"
Dave - "Time to buy another one. Even though it's going to burn down again anyway."


Maybe it's... fire wood smiley


models need some work.

Ya the models are a stylized version of the villagers and such instead of being set accurate.


This is really nice!

this looks very very cool, I look forward to seeing it if/when it's finished

[This rant of bewildered astonishment and appreciation has been censored due to violations of the rules involving religious and adult only content...]


I love how they look like they're made out of clay

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The music is great
The Ta-Koto houses look like potatoes stuck_out_tongue
The trailer itself is also great

8/8 gr8 b8 m8

Really good. One thing, though, is at the very end, the music cuts to another portion when the title is revealed. Just sayin'.

So... This is my competition. Halp.

Ya it cut cause this is the teaser, soon I'll reveal and actually one with narration and showing stuff off.

Great job dude!! looks real cool!

Thanks man!

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cant wait to play

Release on steam? stuck_out_tongue Gaben