Takadox CCBS Revamp

Creeps from the deep…

Here I present my new Takkadox Revamp. He was my favorite villain in G1 and I haughty it would be fitting to remake him with CCBS. He retains the same piercing eyes and sickle hands, but lacks the clunky squid launcher. He has a lot of articulation and can look good in any position

Also sry mods 4 my last post


I think personally, that it could use a few more dark colors, and the body looks strange from certain angles, but other than that, this looks like a pretty good adaptation. I recommend trying to add a way to get the mandibles, and I think that would really help the overall look. Good job!

I have three complaints
Not using the original head
The limbs are missing the lankiness of the original
The body just looks weird, the waist goes down way further than it should and has a lumpy shape


Yo, looks great! A fresh new take on a classic. You manage to make something completely original while retaining the feel of Takadox so well. If I saw him I wouldn’t think Takadox right away but knowing that I can pull a lot of similarities. Good job.

I like the use of the brain head, makes a nice translation into CCBS.

It has quite a few flaws, the biggest one I see is the body.

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The use of the brain parasite is clever and making it thin makes it actually look like Takkadox

It pulls of the aesthetic of the original takadox really well, and looks like a reboot edition of the classic barraki we all know and love. Good job. :slight_smile:

Where’s the original head? Nice MOC although the skull villain torso piece looks out of place.