Takadox - The Deceiver (Bionicle Futures)

Hey peeps! I’m baaaaack

Please leave your thoughts and criticisms!


That looks really good! Simple and yet intuitive. I like the added ab joint, more articulation is always a win!
Though the 2nd and 3rd pictures feel a bit off, maybe the fact he’s standing upright. Might just be me.
Looks good none the less!

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Yeah, straight standing takadox is cursed

Nice revamp!

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Personally, double friction pieces on one part is taboo, but it does make the arms and legs look nice. I think if you build up the waist area a little this will be a solid revamp.

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Thank you for the suggestion!

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This is a nice build, but I find that the waist is too skinny, and this revamp doesn’t bear much semblance to the original set IMO, being like this twisted mantis creature instead of a humanoid. I recommend making it more like the actual set and retaining some of that mutant creature from the deeps feel.

Right now he just looks like an anorexic Toa of Water with a mutated mask :stuck_out_tongue:


He’s supposed to be a post unmutaion version with some resemblance to his pit form

The torso is really good especially on the jaller moc how it moves yet you have it covered up really well.

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Thank you for the kind words.

No problem they are deserved.

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Pretty neat. The waist articulation really helps get the creepy Takadox tone across.

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