Takanuva And Toa Ignika 2015 Remakes

Taka Master of Light And Ignika Master of Life

Made with limited parts and pieces I present my Takanuva And Toa Ignika 2015 Remakes originally made for a Bzpower contest! I need a keeto orange chest piece. ;-;


Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Toa Ignika:

Image 1

Image 2

Image 3

Image 4

Image 5

Image 6

This was made from:

All the 2015 Toa

Brain Attack Surge

And some other sets I don’t remember.



They look pretty good, just a bit short. I like the Ignika’s board too. :wink:

8/10, Great Job! :smiley:


They do seem a tad bit short. Ignika’s board is my pride.

These are great! I love Ignika’s board :smiley:

They’re like chibi versions of their real sets. My favorite part is toa ignika’s new board.

looks great hope to see more

those actually look quite cool :smile:

These look really great ('specially the board).
On one note though, their heads and proportions make them seem sorta hunched.
But that’s just me and my nitpicking. Good Job!

Looks very cool and is really similar to the original!


yaaaaaaaaaaaaaay! Finally someone did a Toa Ignika Moc! 1,000,000 /10 But there heads do look a little big :wink:

The board is my pride.

Yeah. The masks were big making them chibish.

Thanks :smiley:


The heads in G1 were enormous so I can see what you are saying.

Thank you sir. :smiley:

G1 did have big heads. And these were titan sets as well.

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Yup they did! I was totally surprised when I got the Rhode (Mask of truth.) and it was giant! but you could always make them Titans :wink: any way great moc! And maybe do what I did and make one for the vahi!

Love the sky board.

9999/10 oh typo lol

I like these quite a bit! Not sure about Takanuva’s mask though; seems a tad bit big. Maybe it would look better with the silver normal Avohkii?

I think they look good in CCBS. Nice Job!