Takanuva Artwork

I'll post some Takanuva pics I draw in this post.


I have no words. It's simply brilliant.


That's pretty swag. Fo shizzle dawg.

No really though, nice work!

I agree....

that's amazing, the amount of detail glorious

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thanks dude! that's good to hear.

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The armour is amazing.

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Thanks! I might remake this for my new takanuva moc and I'll probably post a pic of Matoro when I finish.

it's edgy and pretty... I love it

By edgy do you mean literal sharp edges(which it has), or its about to hard rock out type edgy?

Hey look, it's me stuck_out_tongue

Nice job!

I should send you a pic of my Dark Takanuva moc, I bet you'd like it. >:D

I would like to see that. Please do.

Alright, when I get back to my house I'll do a post and tag you in it.
@DarkTakanuva I have posted some pics and tagged you to them, tell me what you think!

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Doing my favorite character justice, tak. simply badass

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