Takanuva HF build system moc

I can clearly see the benefits of the HF building system, but I find that it is really quite lacking in the detailed weapons department. I also don’t like that the limbs don’t have axel connection points. But is is a decent system over all.
I am curious about what all there going to change to give the system that bionicle vibe. I mean these pieces are all quite smooth in comparison.


that thing looks awesome man, I wish I could make THAT good of a moc!!!

Using the HF system is difficult for me to use when I combine them…

I completely understand. There are somethings I just will not try because I feel as though I don’t have the proper parts to convey it well. But when I think I can, I take the part at face value and so find the best use for it. This concept I’ve used in most of my moc making, and it seemed to work out for me just fine.