Takanuva master of light

please give the same respect you give the toa master sets

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More pics could definetely help, looks nice but it will be easier to judge if more angles are shown.



maybe he could be master of twilight or something?

Not really light without the white



I know praise for a hard-worked creation is really nice, but it should be judged on its own merits. If it evokes the style of the Masters or any other set that’s fine, but that association won’t give it an exemption from any problems it might have.

Onto the MOC, it’s simple but for the most part effective. I’m not really a fan of how large the thighs are or the hollowness of the lower leg bones, I suggest you rearrange some pieces around to fill out those areas. The arms and chest look alright but from this angle it’s a little difficult to see exactly what they look like.

The staff is pretty neat with the use of the wings, overall it’s an alright MOC but maybe could use some work.


Uuuuhhhhh another ahvokii masked moc, these are so common.

Descent moc looks like it would be a master and like previous answers needs more white

this isn’t bionicle g1 he is aloud to have a new color scheme

I like it. I’m working right now on a ccbs version of the original Takunuva set and this looks very good. :sunglasses:

@JMP Twilight was when Takunuva and Makuta combined. :wink:
@JMP Did you watch Mask of Light?
@HewkiiDaKohliiHead The mask was light and shadow, and I could’ve sworn Takutanuva’s title was ‘of twilight’
@White_Rainbow Ohhhhhhhhh. Thanks.
Edited for double-post. --Jack O’Neill

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I mean if the gunmetal was a reference to titan Takanuva, who was at the time drained of light and sorta described as a toa of twilight back in 08

@kopaka188 I was asking if it was for reference of the 08 titan but the color doesn’t really go well. Y’know, opposite colors that don’t go together on the body. etc


Going to need a whole lot more pictures in better to lighting to judge this guy right. But from what I can see of him now, His pretty groovy man. But the legs could use some work, but it’s not a must do. But that’s just an opinion, my opinion.

That was Takutanuva.


Wrong, twilight was around 2008 on his titan form. Anyway the MOC isn’t too bad, and while it may be "allowed " to have a new color scheme it doesn’t mean the scheme works, gold and silver alone don’t look all that great here. Again… I can’t really juge well if there is only one pic…


From what I can tell, the MOC looks very nicely built, the colour sceme appears to flow pretty nicely, but the lower legs look too skinny compared to the rest of the MOC.

From what I can see from the one picture,

The legs are bad, the shoulders are awkward, the lower arms are awful, and the color balance is off.

It also doesn’t really feel like takanuva so much as an avohki moc. The silver and gunmetal aren’t unusable, but it feels overwhelming compared to the gold.

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Some of the armoring feels off. Like maybe have the leg armor facing downward to cover more. That may help the color flow and class that gap there.

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I feel that is an okay moc, but for me to consider it as takanuva, the gold has to be silver or gunmetal

You don’t have to change it, I just find it weird seeing gold on takanuva

But he’s always had gold, even in 08 when he cured himself he regained his gold to an extent.

If anything it needs more gold, or at the very least better placement of the gold.


I mean, that’s kinda his thing

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Takanuva 03: dark gold
Takanuva 08:gunmetal
Takanuva 10: grey

Nope. No warm gold.

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Takanuva 2010 had silver

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In the comics in 08 once he was cured of the shadow ‘poisoning’ he began to regain his gold, in 10 he changed his colors as a disguise, he’s naturally gold and white.

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