Takanuva movie MoC


I especially find it interesting the way you managed to get CCBS armor on Technic limbs.

Lol, when I look at this photo I can hear him going "You ate how many of my pizza rolls?!?" :rofl:


ah, done with terry, so now someone else?
if so, I like the idea. also, the lower legs and arms - where can I get those (I think theyre 3d printed)

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They are 3d printed I got them off shapeways.com under either the search “nuva” or “makuta”

ok, thanks!

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AWESOME!!! I Love Takanuva!!! He’s My Favorite.

I would say not as good as Makuta, but your Makuta is darn near perfect, so it’d be pretty hard to beat.

That said, I’m not sold on this one.
The armour on the shoulders sticks out to the side and is too low, it doesn’t look natural. The hip region is also a bit skinny, and looks too much like a hunk of technic, more than an actual body.

Overall, I’d say: a good concept, a good first attempt, could use some improvement.


The nuva shoulder lines with his chest, the leg armour is ment like that it’s got the grey showing for his knees and hips, and the pelvis region has a weird design that is covered by the hip armour, first attempt was close but ik some improvements needa be made


The only issue I see is his thigh and biceps are a lil top thick

This is just an Idea but maybe you could make they Hip Armor look right by using LEGO Bricks instead of Technic? Just a Thought.

But their bricks not smooth armour parts, even some bricks are smooth itll look decent but with makuta it works better and something as small takanuvas armour itll be more difficult

Hmmm… Good Point, Although If I can Suggest One Other Thing About The Design itself, in that it Would Be AWESOME To See A Movie Mask On That MOC.

Oh I have a mask on the way dont u worry

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