Takanuva Self Moc

Here are some pictures of my Takanuva moc that @Creep asked to see. For a more in depth review check this video out.

Hope you all enjoy and please critic!
(Btw the shoulder plates aren’t on right now because it’s on another figure.)


I like the combination of system and CCBS. The custom build is pretty good as well, with a lot of pose-ability.


Thanks! Almost everything is custom in this moc because normal bionicle pieces would work if I wanted to get this slender, poseable, and still powerful look to him.

Aside from the gaps in the arms and thighs plus the awkward connection for the hands, it’s fairly good and it looks like Takanuva.

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Thanks, I know the gaps are a problem and I’ve tried to fix it, but the arm gaps are inevitable and the legs I can fix but part restrictions have hurt me on that. The hands are connected weird but to get those hands at that scale I had to do it that way, unless you got any suggestions. I’d love to hear them if you got any.

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Beauty and grace. Really well balanced, could use a few more gold pieces here and there, but otherwise spectacular moc. Great job m8!

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Since you’re using System for the hands, I think these pieces would definitely help create a better connection plus retain articulation.


Thanks man! I’ll order some and hopefully fix that problem.

Trust me, you’ll be using them for a lot more things.

Heck, you can make feet out of them.



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Dang…you can draw good as well as MOC…

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Well I don’t approve of canon characters being used as selfMOCs but the MOC itself looks okay.


The hands. THE HANDS!

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They movveeeee

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Looks pretty great. the grey parts on the back of his hands look like they stick out too much,but otherwise it’s nice.

I can understand how they would look like the stick out, but I wanted to look bionicle and with out it I looks to skinny in the hands.

Have you met Caleb M.?

Nice moc dude

Well, that link right there shows a creation of Caleb m. It is certainly not mine, I was asking to see if anyone noticed anything.

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