Takanuva: The wandering Guardian

After wandering spheres magna for thousands of years, takanuva has become the wisest and greatest toa.
He chronicles the history of almost everything he can learn about. Link to YouTube video of moc: https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=u4ayv9GZqmU

Sorry for the pictures. Every time I upload them they turn out sideways


You are certainly getting better! The main issue is that not all of the gold is the same color. Other than that, not bad.


Red axels, red ball joints, silver nuva shoulders, and blue pins hurt the color scheme. Nuva shoulders should be the same color as the chest.

I only have one gold nuva shoulder. @TeslaEffect
But I should have used my two black axles

Nice moc!

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I like how your skills have improved!

Are the bands really needed couldn’t you use a grey pin instead of the red pin and band

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The bands are there to add some more black

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Eh I guess but the red looks bad

I should have used my two black axles.
Should I have

I don’t like the orange, but the rest is very good!

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I was actually sorta inspired by the metroid Varia suit when building this.

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Really love that torso