Hello Friends this is actually moc older than the Lone Wanderer. It's TAKANUVA! Yup the toa with the mask of overuse (well maybe not this mask).

As you may be able to tell he is tall but compared to the Lone Wanderer its actually not super different.

Critisism is welcomed.


You use a lot of parts that don't flow very well. Lot's of gaps. All of the armor looks really awkward.

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This suffers from Titan Mata Nui disease- you used a lot of pieces that don't really work.

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The ankles definitely need some beefing up

For the titan mata nui disease, I really only sighted the chest plate and knees, but i will try to fix them.
And for the ankles i might add a "Hydrolic piece" to help.

I don't like his proportions.