Takaru, Toa of Fire

My first Moc posted here! Here’s my self Moc, Toa Takaru.

He’s essentially the embodiment of all the nostagia I’ve had for Bionicle over the 11 years I’ve been a fan. His design is heavily based on Jaller Mahri.
In the lore of Bionicle, his matoran life was relatively normal, until he was trapped outside the gates to Metru Nui after they closed off for good. His only companion was a female onu-matoran named Kalana, and they traveled the world until becoming toa in the order of Mata Nui. They found out then that Kalana was really an av-matoran, and they’ve been together ever since. On a side note, they use Takaru’s kanohi Olmak to watch Jojo’s Bizzare Adventure.


The torso is way too small.


I think it looks pretty good in every part except for the legs. Something about then just doesn’t fit with the rest of the moc. They just feel off.

The rest of it is pretty good though.

How do the legs feel off?

They feel out of place. Something about the proportions just makes it feel like they aren’t his. It doesn’t flow well.

Ok, thanks :grin:

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No problem.

Great MoC, but I think you should add more metru red, that’s all

I don’t know how I feel about this. The torso is short and stocky, and works well with the arms, but the legs are so long and out of proportion that it looks bad.

I like the concept, but those legs need changing.

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