Tak's Ancient Guardian of Water

So as I’ve made a guardian of stone, I’ll probably make one for every element. After getting an other gali Uniter I decided to try it out and see what I could do.

Guardian of Water:

As the last guy had a few weapons I gave her a few as well. Her main, as you could tell, was a whip with a barb, she whelds a spinning shield much like Ekimu or the protector of ice, and has two fins with attachable axe heads.

As you can see in this next pic, she can look decently bulky in certain angles, and that was kinda the idea with her. I wanted to make a physical stronger female character that looks like she can kick some butt. So she has barbs, bulk, and heavier looking equipment for the most part to fit the motif. She also has some built up arms around the ccbs bone to fill the shoulders in and give a musclier look.

Elemental comparison:

Please feel free to critic and such, it’s always welcome, and I hope you enjoyed.



I think the coloring needs some work but otherwise there’s no real issue.

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The shield looks very interesting

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I like the use of the tentacle like a whip

Those trans yellow bohrok eyes look out of place but apart from that this looks pretty groovy, but that’s just an opinion, my opinion :stuck_out_tongue:

This is a pretty nice moc over all, besides the odd coloring issues mentioned. I really like the weapons on this one.

Does the skirt hinder leg-movement?

Not really, the loin piece can a little but it’s not static and can be move.

That’s a lot of colours! It looks great apart from that

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Ya Im working on adding some gold in the arms to balance her out a bit.

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