Tak's Ancient Stone Guardian 2.0 and Golem of Stone

So I listen to some feed back and fixed my stone guardian up. I extended the arms and fix the way the shoulder armor is attached, which now let's more head movement.

Stone Guardian:

New sword also:

Height and element comparison:

As you can see, pohatu and this guy are very different look wise while still looking like they are from the same element.

Golem of Stone:
A relatively simple build, but some interesting color combos and a less refined look, much more like something in the stone region. This golem is cobbled together through elemental energy and as such has the elemental trans color instead of dark tan or burnt orange. If it bothers to many people I'll maybe add some dark tan in there.

Please feel free to critic and such. Hopefully the stone guardian is an improvement over the last version, even though only minor differences happened, and the stone golem is an intresting thing to look at.


I'm not exactly fond of the Stone Guardian's colors but I love the look of the Golem.

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The inclusion of the trans neon green on the Guardian looks odd (outside of that he's awesome) and I really like the Golem, well done!

The Golem is kinda cool, it's really monstrous.


I would say that the Golem is the better of the two

The Golem REALLY sticks out to me, so cool looking and a nice use of the infected Masks of Stone.

I like it, that's a nice use of the boomerang looks a little bit weird but hey, I also really love the sword

I feel that something other than Lewa's chest-plate would work better on the golem. I just can't think of a suitable replacement.

Ya nor can I, it the best I could find for the colors.

I love that sword! It seems simple, but I like how the crystal blades make a cool design when put side by side like that.

Update on the golem:

Just switched out some of the colors. You the legs have tan in them, that arms are less green and the chest is tan. Is this looking any better per chance?


Yes, it is.

Great MOCs. I like the use of masks an the golem's shoulders.