Tak's Coloring Contest!

So after some recent feedback I've heard that some of my artwork would look better with color. Now I hate to color, I very much like the basic pencil look, and would like to see the coloring abilities of the boards.

All entries must be serious entries in order to be counted. Just funny one are fine, but won't Be considered for a prize.

The entry must be fully colored. No half done works, I'd like to see the potential of the boards.

This picture is the one I'd like to see colored:

Only entries with this picture will be considered.

Only entries PM-ed to me will be considered!!!

Now to the prize.
The prize will be the special forces tie fighter polybag set. Only one person, the winner, will receive this.

You are able to edit this how ever much you want, just remember what will and will not be considered. Good luck everyone and I hope you all have fun!


Now how long does this have ?

I'm going to say until January 6th.

Okay, I'll see if I can come up with any ideas of what to do.