Takua: Matoran of Light

As part of gathering thoughts for my Bionicle AU, a piece of lore struck me. That av-matoran are truly gold and white, but they had their color’s disguised. So as part of my eventual story, I wanted to have Takua rediscover his true nature (most likely by accident). I’d also like to paint my own custom Metru-style Av-Takua, so this sketch here is something of a color test. I’m probably gonna use the ta-metru matoran head and paint a ko-metru body.

I think he looks neat. How about you?


Looks pretty good! I like it.

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Color accurate Av-Matoran make me happy. 10/10!


this looks far better than something using that build has any right to
good work

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Thanks, that makes me chuckle

He looks very nice with yellow and white!

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nice, he looks good in gold