Takua's Av-Matoran Power

Canonically, Takua never discovered his Av-Matoran power and never used it, so we’ll never know what is was. But… that’s not much fun, and surprisingly, there’s actually an instance in canon of Takua using a power in conjunction with a Toa, that really can’t be explained by the normal power-sets of Toa and Matoran.

In MNOG, Gali creates a mental link with Takua that allows him to see the battle underground. The ability to create a “mental link” never comes up again except in Takanuva’s Blog, where it is again used between Takanuva and Gali. The idea that Toa can create such links is otherwise never addressed, even when it might be helpful.

My just-for-fun headcanon: Takua’s power is the ability to share visual experience with the Toa who activates the power. The Karda Nui Av-Matoran were able to share their memories with their Toa partners, so it’s not so much of a stretch. Granted, the normal rule with Av-Matoran powers is that they require continuous contact with a Toa, but the Av-Matoran powers we saw were pretty quirky. Tanma’s seems to only be useful when partnered with someone who just happens to have a light-based weapon, and Photok’s lightspeed power isn’t really a matter of elementally manipulating light. The ability to share a Toa’s experiences, especially visual ones (because vision comes from light) over a distance doesn’t seem totally farfetched.

What do you think?


This… actually could work… maybe…


Headcanon now. Thank you.
It just fits so well with both 2008 and 2001.


Thank you immensely.:+1:
This makes so much sense.
(Now we just need a scene that takes place before all this where Gali discovers the ability by doing Luke-and-Yoda-Backpack-carrying to get Takua to safety from some disaster he’s stumbled into.)


This is a great theory.

It makes sense of a power from 2001 that was never fully explained, and it integrates the whole 2008 “Matoran Power” thing into canon a little smoother.

I’m still not a fan of the Avtoran having special powers, but this theory makes it a lot more palatable.


I know canonically Toa have the ability to forge mental links with whoever, but I like this idea so much more. It’s a nice tie between 2001 and 2008, and retroactively serves as a nice form of foreshadowing Takua’s greater importance in the story.


Yeah, that’s a great way to put it.

People seem to like it. I like it too. I would not be mad if this was retconned to be canon. Especially since it was re introduced during karda nui arc.

Now run, run, run, jump, I can be a backpack while you run…


I would be mad because it would ruin a lot of things in my fanfics. My characters use the mental link ability all the time :p

Run, run, run, jump, now stop. Put me down, I love to groove and boogie.

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Perhaps you could do something like that with a Toa phantoka/mistika and stars takanuva (since he’s technically an av-matoran build.) now that’s something I’d like to see.