Takyva - The Warrior Servant

Hey guys it's me again, back with my newest MoC! Now I know I've stated that I'm not gonna show off my new mocs until I'm done showing off my old ones, but I'm so proud of how this guy turned out that I couldn't wait to show him off.

Anyways, this is a revamp of my old moc To-Kuta Takyva (http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/takyva-to-kuta-of-vibration/35531) but not really because both forms appear in my storyline (http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/my-bionicle-storyline/35530) at different points in time, so you could consider him more as an alternate form of the character. This is arguably my best moc to date and there's a lot of things about this guy that I'm really proud that I managed to incorporate into him. Things like having an entirely custom build, a leg with posable knee armor that can bend 90 degrees - despite how bulky it is, and a whole bunch of greebling. Now technically, he isn't finished yet, because I'm still missing a piece of armor on his left leg, which I don't have :frowning: Also, that red piece on his right hand is a placeholder, since I only have one of those in gray as far as I know. As you guys might be able to tell, his appearance is inspired by how Megatron looks from the upcoming Transformers movie. The design of the lower legs were inspired by Kopaka - The Knight of Mount Ihu by StudentScissors (http://board.ttvchannel.com/t/kopaka-knight-of-mount-ihu/35728)

Story wise, this is representative of how he looks after being revived by Velika during the third arc of my storyline. Velika, believing that the MU inhabitants would do more harm to Spherus Magna than good, revives Takyva to act as a servant to him to help exterminate the MU inhabitants. Velika, being a Great Being, uses his knowledge of the mechanics of the world to train Takyva who, in turn, becomes aware of all the vibrating air molecules around him. This allows him to use his powers in ways never before imagined. Takyva can send heat blasts from his hands and swords by sending a cascading blast of vibrational energy through the air molecules in front of him. As well, he can also sense incoming physical attacks that he cannot see by sensing the air molecules the attack displaces as it nears him. However the most impressive usage of his powers is levitation. Takyva accomplishes this by vibrating the air below him, heating it up and increasing the air pressure and lifting him upward, while absorbing vibrational energy from the air molecules above him, decreasing the air pressure to suck him upwards.

Of course that isn't to say that he isn't without his weaknesses. His armor, being metallic, can still be manipulated by those who wield the elements of Magnetism and Iron. As well, he is also vulnerable to Psionic attacks.

That's all I have for now. I'd love to hear what you guys think of this guy, both about how he looks and about the story aspect to him. Also I'm trying something new with my moc pictures by using PhotoShop for the backgrounds. What do you guys think?


The build and look of this guy is awesome. The colourscheme is eh though. Not that I really mind.

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So like, what class of combat skin does he wear?


The sword looks great, and he reminds me of a forerunner from Halo....


Really dig the proportions.
He looks really stocky without looking awkward.

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Looks pretty solid. That sword is pretty cool too.

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Nice moc. He is really consistent in texture and color.

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Still havent gotten around to filling in that left leg i see hahah, he looks rad though i love how all the parts tesselate together, especially in his torso

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Absolutely amazing moc. The colors are dull though

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@AdamusTheFirst Yeah one thing that's remained consistent throughout history is his bland colour scheme of black and silver. When I first started building this guy I used technic panels from set 42021 which had lime green stickers on them. I wanted to use those pieces and add some more lime green accents but I didn't have enough small lime green pieces to do it
@squeaverking 12
@KingOfCatfish Thank you! Fun fact, I originally came up with that sword design 2011 and it was partly inspired by the Sword of Gryffindor
@StudentScissors @ReeseEH @SonicBionicleMaster Thank you all!
@Jayfa Thank you! the torso took a while to get right actually, because I couldn't figure out how I wanted to flesh out the midriff section
@LTVmocs Thank you! And you can blame 11 year old me for not being creative with colours because he's had this colour scheme ever since I first built him in 2008


ooo phototototoshop

This guy looks really cool, though the black could be spread out more.

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Pretty epic. The knees look to protrude a little oddly from certain angles, but overall the bulky look is conveyed well. I especially like his sword design; how swift it looks with those wing pieces.

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Other than the boring colour scheme it's a really good moc.
The build looks great and also it uses a fairly rarely used mask.

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ther is no way ven can complain about proportion.

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To be honest, proportion wasn't even something I had in mind when I was building this guy

but still perfect proportions.

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