Tales of Baga Nui: Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Dialogue

After a couple of hours, the Turaga arrived, accompanied by a couple of guards.After a short while, the Turaga took a weak step towards the Toa and knelt towards him.

“It is wonderful to bask in your radiance, great Toa”-Turaga Gali declared.
Waster knelt as well.
“No, it- it is a great honor to serve you, wise Turaga.”
“We shall now discuss some matters, if you may…” Turaga Gali requested.
“Most definetely.”
The Turaga led the Toa to some office with a few shelves. Then, she signaled Waster to take a seat.

“Now, tell me… about your arrival to this land.”
“Well… I— came in a canister.”
"Mhm"The Turaga nodded.“I´ve been there too.”
“Aand… I was assembled.”
“I can relate.” Gali chuckled a little. Then coughed. Waster put on a worried face for a little.
“Aand… I had a vision.”
The Turaga was shocked, yet, not too much.
“It was Mata Nui, the Great Spirit himself who spoke to me.”
“And what did the Great Spirit tell you?”
“Uhm…” Waster tried to renember. It had been two or three weeks, and he didn´t really renember too much in the first place. “He told me to… assemble a resistance.”
“And how do you believe you shall do that…?”
“I am not too sure yet… I assume I shall find the awnser soon. Or at least… I hope so.”
“You hope…” Gali gazed at the Toa, with a somewhat questionable expression. Like… disappointed?
Waster felt strange at the Turaga´s expression, and decided to reaffirm his posture.
“Well… actually, I´ll rephrase that. I will accomplish said goal. I just… have to work on it.”
Gali seemed a bit more calm.
“Yet, something troubles me…”
“And that is…?”
“Mata Nui mentioned something about Metru Nui… and… I´ve been acting on instinct lately… saying things and doing things I don´t mean or don´t know how to even do! It´s as if I… I might have amnesia or something.” _Waster put his hands on his mask and pressed a little. He had some pressure on his mind.

“Oh… poor soul. Do not worry, I believe I can help you.”
The Turaga then walked up to one of the shelves. She was short and could not reach the books, so she used her hook-staff to grab a big book. Its title was “Metru Nui Archives.”
She then placed it on a table, and opened it. Then, she pointed at some scriptures.

“These here… are testimonies of a Toa wearing a golden Hau, and fighting Darkhunters… however, as of now, I and my translating company are unsure if these texts refer to you or Toa Lhikan. If any further information appears, my company or I myself will notify the news to you. You deserve to know the truth, however, you might ot be ready, as of now. The only thing I can ask you to do is to build your resistance. Become familiar with the land and its people. Build bonds. Become one with the spirit of Baga Nui.”

She made a brief, yet intense pause.

“I suggest you to meet my fellow Turaga… they shall be of assistance to your task. Sadly, our connections have been lost due to some grudges between us… Sigh, we wouldn´t talk to each other, if it wasn´t for me and Pohatu.” She made a sad, heave pause. The Turaga seemed aggravated.
“Now go, great Toa. Ask Bingzak for a map. Or he could even be a guide through your early journeys. You have no time to lose. Go, and make us proud!”
Gali made a hopeful, optimistic, yet serious expression at Waster. The Toa returned it. After thanking the Turaga for her time, he began his path, not before asking Bingzak to guide him, even if it was for a short time.
When the Toa and the Chronicler were about to leave the village, the Turaga rushed to speak to Waster one more time.

“Waster, wait!” She held out for the Toa.
“What is it, wise Turaga?”
“May I request you to do one final thing for me? A favor, if you may?”
“Most definetely. I am glad to serve you.”
Please reunite my brothers. Bring unity back to us. Please, do it, for an united Baga Nui… and for myself. I beg you!” She took a dramatic tone of voice.
“Of course. I shall do what is in the realm of my possibilities to aid you.”
“Thank you, Toa.” She made the same expression again, yet a bit more passionately, and with a tear falling down her mask. After this, the Toa and the Chronicler were off on their track.


Whooo hooo, I think I outdid myself with this one. The best one yet! The adventures to come are more exciting. New characters. New enemies. New places to explore. It makes me feel so alive!

I will be uploading some art related to the story soon. Thanks for reading, and stay tuned for Chapter 4, coming next week! (Or the next) See ya then!

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I like it, but I don’t know what to think about the fact that our main Toa from 01 to 10 are Turaga now. I don’t say I don’t like the idea, but even the fact that they didn’t talk to each other make me… sad. And the fact that Gali was crying by this fact, eugh… I don’t quite like it…

Yeah, I thought of it before I knew it was a cliché… I kinda want to add a dynamic no one has ever done with that concept before, their unity being broken. So that would make it more interesting.

When you know what happened between them, you´ll understand.

Also… you may be asking what happened to the Turaga from Metru Nui. You´ll understand, in time.

The recent events between them have gotten to Gali. So she´s become slightly more sentimental.

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I doubt you saw it, but @Scorpion_Strike’s stories are pretty interesting and follow the same general idea.

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I didn´t know that. Seriously, I had no idea. Don´t even know who that is. I think.

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