Tales of Makara

And so it begins…

Makara strode into Jerik’s Bar and Grill in the small town of Varka. As the place was quite busy, he was forced to wait for a table. The waiter, a small guy in a purple sweater and yellow helmet, seemed to be having a hard time finding a menu under his desk. It wasn’t until he had spent 13.569 minutes searching that Makara finally gave up and pulled a menu off of a nearby table. “Oh,” said the small waiter. “So that’s where they are.” Makara laughed. “How did they pick you to work here?”
The small guy didn’t respond for a few minutes. Then, as he was about to reply, anther voice broke into the conversation. A very angry voice. “Cordax! What have I told you!” Cordax dropped the menu he was holding and stuttered, “Jerik! I- I would like to explain-“ He was interrupted by Jerik slamming open the door to the kitchen. Jerik, it must be explained, was an ex-Glatorian, who had set up a chain of sports bars with his winnings in the arena. His location in Varka was his headquarters as well. When Jerik saw Makara, he strode over and pushed Cordax aside. “He’s just here until he works off his debt,” he explained. “I apologize for the delay. Also, I’ve got a job for you.” “Really?”, asked Makara.
“Just wait until Chapter Two,” replied Jerik.

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yay you started the story!

Chapter Two will be longer. I was writing chapter 1 on my iPhone, so it wasn’t as long or as good as I could have made it on a computer.

And yes, Cordax is the first person to be featured in this story!

Chapter 2

Jerik smiled as Makara’s expression changed into a look of confusion.
“Why do you say Chapter 2?”, he replied.
“It’s not that you’re dumb,” said Jerik, “but you would never understand. I have greater knowledge of this matter than you ever will (because I never explain it to anyone). But on to the matter at hand. You need a job, and I have one for you. You seem interested, right?” Makara glanced into his friend’s face. The Glatorian had a look of intense concentration in his eyes.
“Yes.”, Makara said. "I’ll take any- " He stopped in his speech as Cordax came scrambling back towards them from his desk.
“Jerik!”, he shouted.
“What now?”, Jerik said wearily.
"There’s this crazy, uh, thing outside, ah, at the desk, and it’s asking for Makara, and I didn’t want to butt into your business meeting but it’s urgent- "
Makara laughed. “So, you’ve finally met Doritos!”, he exclaimed. “I wonder what brought her here from the base?”
Cordax shrugged. “I don’t know why it came here at all,” he said in confusion. “I just want to get out of here before the day is over so I can catch a flight to Tesara.”
“Fair enough,” said Jerik. “Get out! And next time, pay for your food in cash!”

As Cordax ran out the front door, he nearly collided with a tall, lanky, bat-like figure leaning on the desk. “Did you tell him it was urgent?”, it asked in a high-pitched voice.
“Yeah, sure, er, yes, I did.”, he babbled. Then he ran out the door, looking like a jet-propelled Matoran in diminished form.
“What’s with him?”, wondered Doritos. She stepped into the room behind the bar where Jerik and Makara were.
“There you are!”, exclaimed Makara. “I was wondering what would bring you here.”
“It’s that thing- you know, that mask you built that you used to summon me here. It’s been making some odd noises, and suddenly it made a portal. And then this, ah, Toa Senit walked out and tried to electrocute me with some kind of staff. I knocked it out of her hand, though, and now she’s all tied up.”
“What on earth are you babbling about?”, said Jerik. Privately, he wondered if Doritos had something wrong with her. He’d had some friends in the arena who’d ended that way: too crazy to live with other Glatorian, too dangerous to be allowed to possess weapons. He didn’t notice the figure that had darkened the doorway with its presence…


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when are you going to add Rukah to the story

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By chapter 3, once I get some more craziness added.


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Sorry. I didn’t know if it was a standard Toa of Lightning or not. I apologize, and will fix it in the story.

Chapter three

Things had begun happening, and fast. Jerik lay crumpled in a corner, where the being had flung him. Makara had his Ion Projector out and was blazing away at the winged monster standing amid the remains of Jerik’s restaurant. Doritos had produced an AL-17 laser pistol from amid her jacket and was firing rapidly and inaccurately at the being. The two of them had succeeded in destroying the bar and much of the front wall when the being shouted something in a strange language and fired a blast that looked like some sort of rotor. The blast hit Makara right in the face, and he fell down, mumbling confused words.
“What the heck was that for?”, screamed Doritos, and let loose with a spray of 27 laser blasts, which did absolutely nothing to the being, other than add a selection of scratches to its armor.
“Would you really wish to know?”, said the being. “I could tell you, but you wouldn’t care. You are so filled with hate for me and my kind that you would not stop yourself from killing me if you could.”
Doritos’ eyes narrowed in anger as she raised her blaster one more time, but she had already hesitated too long. Another blast struck her, and she crumpled into a heap amid the wreckage.

Several minutes later, the winged figure left the building, carrying a blade that was a legend in it’s own right: Torani, the blade of Jerik. It was a word that had struck fear into the hearts of Skrall and Glatorian alike. It was a weapon that could unite a nation. A very particular nation…

Meanwhile, in what appeared to be an abandoned warehouse, Toa Senit was beginning to awaken. Her head rang with the sound of a metal grinder, the one that Doritos had attempted to use on her mask. Thankfully, it had done no serious damage, only decorating it with a pattern of silver scratches. Senit drew on her power, and began burning through the ropes tying her to the tracks of an off-road transport. After several minutes of burning, she finally snapped the main knot, and was able to free her arms.

Soon, she was standing in what was one of the strangest laboratories in Bara Magna, filled with rusted components, weapons and ammunition, and a strange device housing the damaged fragments of an Olmak. How it had come to be there was a mystery to her. She knew that only two such masks had ever existed, and one was said to have been destroyed.

Senit drew her staff out of a nearby weapon rack and began quietly walking towards the door. Suddenly, she heard the sound of voices outside.
“Did you hear that sizzling?”
“Yeah, must be that Makara’s arc welder again. That crazy thing he has working for him must’ve left it running again. I’m going in to turn it off before he burns down the neighborhood.”
Senit gripped her weapon, prepared to fight to defend herself. The door creaked upwards, slowly, slowly. Outside, the sun was setting, and its rays shone through the space below the door, in a blinding arc of radiance. Creak, creak, creak. Still the door opened. Senit’s grasp tightened, and her staff began to crackle with electricity…


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Here’s Chapter 4!

Chapter Four

Creak, creak. Still the door opened. Slowly, filling the warehouse with its sound. Senit grasped her staff, lightning crackling around the blades affixed to its head. The creaking was growing louder, as the door began to slide upwards. A blinding light shone through the bottom, obscuring the outline of the figure cranking a rusted wheel that controlled the door. She angled the staff, its tip pointed towards the figure, and prepared to unleash a bolt of lightning powerful enough to incinerate tungsten plating. Suddenly, the door stopped creaking, and the figure turned. It was small, and carried a shortsword and blaster. On its face was a mask: a Kakama! Senit quickly stopped the flow of energy to her staff, and bowed in greeting to the Matoran.
“I did not expect to see you here, Korel!”, she said. Korel, the Av-Matoran, gasped in astonishment.
“But you’re- you’re- dead!”, he exclaimed, the shock filtering throughout his entire being.
“Dead?”, asked Senit.
“You were killed by the Marendar!”, cried Korel. “I saw it happen! You stood facing him as you did a moment ago, staff blazing with electricity, and then it laughed- a terrible sound- and struck you down with a bolt of your own making. You were incinerated, disintegrated, burned into charred remains! All that remained was your mask… And now you stand here before me! What can this mean? Has Mata Nui returned again?”


wait so is Rukah the winged figure from chapter three?

Mayhaps he is… If he is he won’t be a villain, just someone with a mission that puts him on Doritos’ bad side.

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is it senit’s winged bird makuta?

I had forgotten about him. That’ll work nicely! Thanks for reminding me!


Um… when does Polaris come out?

Don’t worry, they’ll all feature in this story. I just don’t have a ton of time to write, as I’m still in school. Chapters 5 and 6 should be appearing next week, and I’ll make sure to add some new characters in them.