tamonggue the honour bond samurai

Tamonggue once lived in the mask maker city as a kid in poverty and didn’t have much food or water to survive within a single day he hated this life and was severely depressed about this.
But thankfully someone noticed poor Tamonggue and decided to take into the monastery within the mountain peaks Tamonggue wonders who this kind old man is so Tamonggue ask who he is.
He responded saying his name is master Arnhnu and is willing to let Tamonggue stay as long as he works very very hard and so Tamonggue accepted his offer.
Throughout the years Tamonggue has been learning Lessons from master Arnhnu and has become more humble honouring and respectful to others that he meets along the way.
Tamonggue accidentally found some unknown gear and weaponry but master Arnhnu caught him in the act so he asked Tamonggue what exactly happened explained so Tamonggue told him he pressed a button by accident while he was cleaning and wonder what was inside but of course Arnhnu told him that these are samurai armour and weaponry
So Tamonggue wanted to become a honour bond samurai and master Arnhnu has been training him for about sixteen and a half years and became a honour bond samurai and has made his master very proud for what he has done for the people of okoto but thing will be unfortunate for Tamonggue.
Tamonggue was going home to the monastery and close at home to found out trouble was a foot and was worried for master Arnhnu’s life.
When Tamonggue found master Arnhnu lying on the ground severely injured stab wounds and told him it was someone by the name called Darkslider and that was his last breath and succumb to his wounds and so Tamonggue accepted his dying wish to defeat the dark slider


The armor shaping on this moc is pretty good. I quite like the wings as well, nice job!


The arms seem a little too long, but i really love that wing design.

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The second picture really works well, like some sort of samurai drifter dark angel.

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