Tangata te ahi

Hey guys here’s my soldier entry meet

Tangata te ahi
(it’s maori it means man of fire)
A fiery ill tempered spear-men who wants to fight off the new attacks on his village of
Te Kaono! but is only a guard (guards are soldiers to!) He has a custom spear meant to look like jalla 2001s MNOG spears

Since i could not post him in the “peoples of okoto moc project” (i don’t have a protectors mask for the dude i am posting him here
Seriously @Toa_Fjordisk allow some more masks bro!


It would be nice if I saw the entirety of him.


have only bad webcam
when i can i’ll get better shot’s

Sorry, villagers only have protector masks.

i know i’ll upload his villager mask form
ugh that rule is really dummmmm

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Well… To be fair some of them have different looking masks in the book. Like a lot different from the protecor ones.

Anyway I qouldnlike to see more pics, but I guess it’s ok