Tank transformer

I wanted to wait for the rabbit transformer but I couldn’t wait, I wanted to upload it, I’m making another combiner also, I’m doing the combination aspect later, when I finish rabbit.


A rabbit and a tank? Are they going to combine kamen rider style?

Jokes aside he looks pretty good if not a little too simple and obvious in tank mode.


Impressive. While not perfect, I rarely see CCBS transformers pulled off this well. I like it.


The Transformation feature works surprisingly well! While there is certainly room for improvement, I think this is a pretty solid MOC. Keep Building!

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This has got to be my favorite moc of yours o far.

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Looks pretty good.

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I make alot of bioformers, (most are to hideous to be posted) and you have accomplished the thing that has been puzzling me for years. Treads in the legs.

Though, correct me if I’m wrong, but it doesn’t look like the turret traverses, which makes it an oddly shaped assault gun, not a tank.


yes, actually i want rabbit tank combiner, i want to make a pirate with train armour i’m using the solar streak megazord from mystic force as inspiration

i feel so happy i feel like i’m not getting beat up because the moc is bad

i don’t care how simple or obvious the transformation is because that makes it easy to learn and we also have transformers for babies where you flip the car up and move a few parts

@ProfSrlojohn i wanted to add a shooting function,i looked for a quick solution for your gripe, nothing incredible has shown up maybe i should look deeper into this. i took 1 day to do it but it was too hard, then i created this, it was such a bruh moment, because i spent hours on something only to find out it was so simple, just stick the function on top of the gun.

Wait, I never said anything about shooting.

I said it doesn’t traverse, in other words, the turret doesn’t move. So, that.makes it an assault gun, which are very similar to tanks, except that the gun doesn’t move.

it does move i would know because I MADE IT
i based it on this tank transformer

Okay then, it’s a tank. I didn’t know. I didn’t look like it moved.

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Eh. For what it is, it’s nice, tho as others pointed out very simple and obvious.
One thing I would like to see tho in the v2 is to see better legs, maybe with knees.

I think this figure of Shockwave is a good example that you could follow. The upper and lower legs are still separated and united by a knee joint, but still work. The upper legs are angled to the sides, from where they are covered, the feet collapse in, and the back of the lower legs (and of the feet, I think), have wheels and threads on them. You could try to mimic that, by making the upper legs basic CCBS, the lower legs a technic construction with wheels on the back covered in the front by panels, and with the feet… maybe try to use the CCBS heel construction? That seems like it would be able to collapse in smoothly. Therefore, you would have all the basic leg articulation, and the legs would look much more ecstatically pleasing.


I don’t think that is possible, unless you have a example in lego

I swear there’s a megazord or something that splits apart like this I can’t remember where I’ve seen it

I mean… Why wouldn’t it? The upper legs can be plain CCBS, same for the feet, the only things that are somewhat trickier are the lower legs.