Tapahi the Green

Jungle assassin dude. Wanted to use the old-school green on a moc since barely anyone in the bionicle community uses this color. The build was fairly tricky, since no ccbs armor exists in this shade of green.


Thats because Lego uses a new type of green.

It looks more of a warrior than an assassin if you ask me-
I'm not too fond with the lower arms, but everything else looks solid.


The abs don't work well imo, the rest is pretty solid.

Looks cool, I like the use of the krana.

very verdant. very awesome

I love all of it except for the waist because it seems a bit fat

The mask layering here with the Miru's doesn't look as good as when you did it with the Kakama's, but the MOC is well done otherwise.

Is this in LDD? Anyways, the waist bulges out too much but otherwise the parts usage here is very creative.

He looks a bit fat, but I think the green looks really good.

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Woah. He looks pretty cool.

I built it using a program called "Real Life Building" or RLB for short, thanks.


Cool looking MOC! Nice and creative use of pieces to give him a unique look.

cough cough

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That's a different shade of green that was used in Ultrabuild Green Lantern. Prior to '04 all green bionicle sets used a noticeably darker shade.


Everything looks great except for the waist.

reminds me of a moc that would be made in the mid 2000s, even though it uses CCBS