tapaka nuva toa of lightly iced drinks

this was moc made out of hand me down parts from my cousins, explaining the missing ball joint, the one black leg, and the cracks. it is supposed to be a ice version of takanuva, who would take the place of kopaka after he just disappeared in 2010. and yes it uses the piraka build, u mad boi?


excuse me, but what?

no, im mad that you made that reference

The colors and use of Av-Matoran torso with the Piraka torso looks fine, however the limbs and appearance between the chest and shoulder looks bare-

“toa of lightly iced drinks”

that name alone makes this moc pretty good

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Not to be confused with his big brother, Tapaka Nova, Toa of VERY Iced Drinks


there isn’t much of a drink there but its worse with the eldest brother, Topaka Nova, there is so much ice that there is no drink, it’s just a glass filed with ice.

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