Tapu- A random moc by AmazingDirtHunter

Here he is, just a random moc I threw together and I thought looked cool. let me know what you think, but he really isn’t much. Thanks for looking!

The moc in the last photo is my SelfMoc Alli, feel free to check him out if you wish, thanks once again for looking at this very simple creation!


interesting color choice… Though the shin-armor doesn’t seem so good, maybe the legs could be filled out or the thigh armor removed and yeah, he looks good otherwise

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That’s a rather unique colour scheme, I like it, I think the leg armouring works well, too.

This is very interesting. Weapons little simple but I love the colour scheme, never seen that before.

Overall: 9.3/10 :thumbsup:

The color scheme is interesting, I like it. The only problem I have is the shin armor, it seems to bulk out a little too much. Other than that, this is moc is great :smile:

@JMP Thanks for the feedback!
@Cyclopian Thanks!
@DiamondKing yeah, the weapon is baisc, but i think it works. Thanks for feedback!
@ToaVoriki True, shin armor does stick out a bit. I don’t really mind it, especially since this moc is really just a quick thing I threw together for no reason.

The colorscheme is cool, but ultimately this dude ends up looking a little too cobbled together.

Could be more interesting